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Your interest rate


The interest rate that applies to your mortgage or loan will depend on the original product deal that you took out. However, the interest rate may have been altered if any product changes have been applied to your account since that date.

Together mortgage and loan customers

If you’re a Together mortgage customer with a secured mortgage and an unsecured loan, you’ll be paying a single interest rate with one combined monthly payment.

If you have previously paid off (redeemed) your secured mortgage but now have a standalone unsecured loan with us, the interest rate on your unsecured loan will have increased by an amount listed in the terms and conditions of your original agreement.

Find out information about your account online with Self-Serve

You can quickly find your current interest rate and monthly payment amount using our online Self-Serve system. This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device.

What’s more, if your interest rate and monthly payment will be changing due to an upcoming interest rate change, you’ll see details of the new payment amount and the date this will apply.

For more details, please see our Self-Serve section.

Sign in now – if you’ve already registered on Self-Serve, you can sign in to your account at any time, from any device.

Register now – to use Self-Serve for the first time, you’ll need to register and create your secure account.

You can also find your current interest rate on the latest rate change letter that we may have sent you, or in your most recent annual statement – noting that some of that information could be out of date depending on when the statement was sent, as changes may have occurred since then.

Alternatively, please contact us and we’ll give you this information.


Interest rate changes

If your interest rate is changing, we will write to you at least four working days before any change is made to your required monthly payment.

You can find out the latest information about interest rate changes here.


Interest rate types

There are different interest rate types, with useful explanations shown below.

If you’re unsure which type of interest rate you’re on, please have a look at the Terms and Conditions that you’ll have been given when you originally took out your mortgage or loan.

Alternatively, please contact us to check.

If you’re worried about making your monthly payments or are already struggling, please call us and we’ll try to help. Simply talking to us won’t affect your credit file – and the sooner you get in touch the better, as there are often more ways we can help.

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